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About Us

Blondish is your destination for handcrafted shoes straight from the heart of Spain. Our carefully curated collection offers a diverse range of options designed to keep you comfortably stylish. Led by our dedicated CEO, Pat Manez, and her family, we are committed to delivering quality shoes that redefine fashion without compromising on comfort.

Our Vision

At Blondish, we believe in the perfect fusion of fashion and comfort. Our mission is to provide you with a unique and delightful walking experience, ensuring that every step you take is a confident and stylish one.

The CEO's Touch

Pat Manez, our visionary CEO, works tirelessly to bring you the latest collections, exciting collaborations, and personalized shopping suggestions. With Blondish, you're not just buying shoes; you're stepping into a world of fashion where every pair tells a story.

Stilettos: A Timeless Elegance

The iconic stiletto was the first shoe I designed, drawing inspiration from its rich history dating back to 1760 by an Italian designer. Today, it remains a timeless and essential part of any wardrobe. However, comfort has often been a challenge with these sophisticated heels. That's why I've personally worked on ensuring that Blondish stilettos not only elevate your style but also keep you happy and comfortable throughout the night.

Explore Our Collection

  • ANA CARLA: Open on both sides, a perfect blend of style and comfort.
  • HELENA: Our basic and formal stiletto, a wardrobe essential.
  • HELENA MARIA: My personal favorite, maintaining a classy yet sexy appeal.
  • HORSY Pumps: For those who love to draw attention and make a statement.

Say goodbye to the fear of ending the night with shoes in hand! Blondish offers a variety of styles to suit your preferences, making it impossible to regret any choice.

Styling Tips

Stilettos like the Helena collection are versatile, elevating any outfit, from a gown dress to jeans with a tee and blazer. Recently, during my visit to New York, I paired a sporty pant from Frankie Shop with my green Helena Stilettos, turning heads on the streets. If you want to make a statement and have all eyes on you, shop my look without a doubt.

Thank you for choosing Blondish. Walk on skyscrapers without vertigo and confidently embrace style and comfort like never before!

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