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Shoe Care

How to take care of your Blondish products?


We work with a variety of leathers and it is normal that over time softer leathers may become dry and lose some of their natural finish. If your pair is made from Calf Leather we recommend that you regularly apply a thin layer of nourishing cream and buff lightly with a soft cloth.
For Crinkled, Florentique, or Metallic leathers avoid applying any creams or chemicals and only use a soft damp cloth to wipe clean. To revive the shine, try rubbing the upper with a dry cloth.
Patent leather, try rubbing the shoe with a soft dry cloth until the shine is restored. Patent leather polishes require a specific application, please strictly follow the product instructions.
Suedes & Nubucks can be protected prior to wearing with a water repellent protector. Should the suede become dirty, wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

Raffia, we strongly advise you to not get your shoes wet as they are highly water-absorbent. If dirty, gently brush clean with a soft cloth.
For most other textiles should your pair become marked or dirty from outdoor use, wipe lightly with a damp cloth. If wet, dry with a clean cloth and let them dry in a natural/warm environment. A soft short-haired brush is great for brushing dirt from Corduroy or Embroidered styles, try not to use a strong detergent as this may alter the color.

Satin, Silks, or Velvets try by dabbing the area with warm water and a damp cloth.