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Blog By Pat


And welcome to Maison BLONDISH Blog, I am Patricia, designer of BLONDISH.
Here I will share with you all, my latest collections, collaborations, shopping suggestions and much more!
Is time to walk on skyscrapers without vertigo, and much less afraid of falling or even worse, ending the night with shoes in hand.
Stilettos was the first shoe I designed, this style is a must have and is one of the oldest shoes created as a high heel in the history , if I am not wrong was created in 1760 by a Italian designer, And even today is a basic that never last.
The worse part of this sophisticated heels is the comfort. So I really worked on this to make you all happy and pretty with few inches up.
When I said be afraid of ending the night with shoes in hand, believe me... I know what I am talking about.
But the good news is. That, doesn’t have to happen again with a pair of BLONDISH and you have a large styles to pick your favorite ones.
We have ANA CARLA that is open in both sides, HELENA our basic and formal ones, HELENA MARIA my favorites keeps the outfits classy but very sexy, And HORSY Pumps if you like to draw people’s attention.Impossible to regret with any of the choices.Stilettos are just fantastic, elevates any style a gown dress, jeans with tee and blazer, Think about it ...! mention one style that doesn’t look really cool with.
Actually in my last visits to NY I went to shop to one store that I really like is called Frankie shop and I bough a few pants one of them sporty one, I wear them with my green Helena Stilettos and I can't mention you, how many people on the street asked me for my full look.
So if you want to turn heads as I did, shop my look undoubtedly.



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